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Personal Information

  • Tel: +86 15810822918
  • Email: liyuejia@163.com
  • Date of Birth: June 2nd, 2002
  • School: International Department of Beijing No.35 High School


I am a sweet-tempered and alive Gemini. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a prose collection written by Sanmao, a Taiwanese writer, or like to practice Chinese calligraphy. I am willing to inquire into the root of the problem with thousands of whys; I am skilled at abstract thinking and logical analysis; I am always rational, cordial, and calm with perceptiveness and slight perfection towards life; I am looking forward to a simple life and pursuing my dreams and hopes.


Research Projects

  • March - August, 2019

    The Research on Photocatalytic Efficiency of Nano-TiO2 Under Different Conditions

    • Consulted literature to better understand the significance and limiting factors of photocatalysis of nano-TiO2 on sewage treatment.
    • Conducted a 5-month experiment to explore the influences of concentration of organic substance, the amount of nano-TiO2, reaction time, and pH value on photocatalytic efficiency of nano-TiO2 under Dr. Chunyan Du (the doctor of ICCAS)’s guidance.
    • Concluded the optimal conditions of photocatalysis of nano-TiO2 and demonstrated the results through the presentation of the 1st Chemistry Conference in BJ35.
  • March 26th - April 15th, 2019

    The Dressing Characteristics of Female Images in Dunhuang Grottoes of Tang Dynasty     and Influencing Factors

    • Served as the leader of the research group, assigned research tasks, and led 11 group members to complete the research project under the guidance of Mr. Yongzeng Liu, the former director of the institute of archaeology of Dunhuang Academy.
    • Conducted a two-day field trip research to the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang.
    • Utilized the literature research method to understand the female images in the Dunhuang Grottoes of Tang Dynasty, employed the field investigation method to analyze the characteristics of clothing of different female images accurately, and used the comparative research method to trace the factors affecting the characteristics of clothing.
    • Awarded the 1st prize in Spring Study Trip organized by BJ35.
  • April 21st - May 2nd, 2018

    Investigation of High School Students' Reading Quantity and Analysis of Influencing Factors

    • Used questionnaires and panel discussion methods to investigate students’ reading quantity and discovered existing problems, including decreased reading time, narrow reading mode, and limited reading environment.
    • Analyzed internal and external problematic factors such as lack of interest among the students and problematic aspects of school, family, region, and policy based on the literature review and the interaction with students from Danzhai National High School; and proposed valuable solutions for students of Danzhai National High School.
    • Awarded the 2nd prize in Spring Study Trip organized by BJ35.


Extracurricular Activities

Academic Program

Wake Forest Program



Wake Forest Summer Credit Program

July 15th - July 28th, 2018
  • Participated in academic courses delivered by WFU professors, including Social Science Research Methods, Essay Writing, and Cultural Adjustment for International Students in American Universities.
  • Completed a research project to explore whether exercise could decrease depression.
  • Received 2 Credits from Wake Forest University (Grade: A-, 92.5).


Other Activities


Student Union of International Department of Beijing No.35 High School

July 2017 - May 2019
  • Grew from an intern in the Management Department of the Student Union and became the President of the Student Union.
  • Hosted five large-scale campus events during two-year tenure (Cuisine and Culture Exhibition, Mid-Autumn Poetry Creative Competition, Teacher-Student Promotion Activities, Orientation Activities, and Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Activities), contributed to the enjoyment to students’ campus lives, and spread positive campus culture together with instructors and teammates in Student Union.
  • Helped improve the living environment within the school by translating the menu for foreign teachers, finding ways to eliminate waste, establishing lost and found cabinet, and designing the official school uniform T-shirt.


    2017-2018 & 2018-2019       ZIA Super Speaker Contest

March 2018 - December 2019
  • Participated in ZIA Super Speaker Contest for two consecutive years, delivered five speeches, and won the school championship in 2018 and 2019.
  • Delivered speeches of Me in 20 Years and Dream in April and July 2018 to express confusions and aspirations of adolescences.
  • Delivered a speech of What Can Youngsters Bring to the World, Thanksgiving, and Nourish Life by Reading in May, July and December 2019 to promote reading, foster the sense of responsibility and retrospect school life, and show appreciations to people around us and even to Chinese identity and the peaceful life in China, which appeals to improve ourselves and benefit others.

Debate Competition


Debate Competition

November 12th - December 16th, 2018
  • Participated in 3 debate competitions on the following themes: Whether Income or Interest Determines Major Selection, Whether Self-Affirmation or Others’ Affirmation Determines the Standard of Success and The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linguistic Imperialism as the fourth debater.
  • Read literature and watched debate videos to learn how to formulate thesis statements, refute the opposite views, and summarize our point of view.
  • Awarded the title of the Best Debater two times and received the 2nd place in the debate competition at BJ35.


The Spring Study Trip in Danzhai, China

April 24th - April 29th, 2018
  • Worked as a volunteer teacher in an underdeveloped region, Danzhai city.
  • Delivered a two-period lesson about Chinese and Western Philosophy by involving John Locke’s Tabula Rasa, Plato’s cave, and Chuang-tzu’s dream of a butterfly to let the students came into contact with philosophy.
  • Maintained a long-term correspondence with them and organized students at Beijing No.35 High School to donate books to them.

Volunteer Activities

Zero Waste
Charity Sale



Zero Waste in Tian’anmen Square

October 2018
  • Picked up cigarettes, chewing gum, wastepaper, and empty bottles in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.
  • Advertised Zero Waste Activity to both Chinese and foreign tourists and invited them to join the activity.




Charity Sale

February 2019
  • Bought raw materials to make Chinese traditional windmills and cookies and participated in Changdian Temple Fair at Spring Festival.
  • Sold those hand-made windmills and cranberry cookies to visitors and donated entire money to Zhicheng 1+ Foundation.




Play Guitar
In the Lab1
Dragon Boat Festival
Relay Race1
In the Lab1
In the Lab1



Ayeesha Mujeeb

Echo believes in good science. Based on her grades, attendance, class participation and assignments, I would rate her academic performance in my class as superior. Echo has a number of strengths. Apart from her academic performance, Echo is always interested in supporting her peers. For example, during the tutorial classes, she helped her peers with solving past examination papers and presented arguments logically like a leader. She is a highly motivated individual who wants to excel in the field of Biochemistry. I wish her all the very best!

Ayeesha Mujeeb
Chemistry Teacher

Yuejia has made all-around development in the following fields: she works hard and spares no efforts in her studies; as leader of the Student Union, she is dedicated and meticulous; she strives hard and never gives up in the sports field; she is always helpful and patient to her peer's questions; she is a good spiritual writer with serious feelings and reflections; always keeping improving herself has made her a model figure for the students and highly recognized by the teachers.

Chinese Teacher


Yuejia is one of the most diligent and persistent students I have ever met so far. Her handwriting is beautiful and she took great notes of calculus. She is very kind to other students and polite to teachers. Such a wonderful girl, with so many great qualities, will be successful in any fields in the future.

Calculus Teacher


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